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Social Media Management

Paid social media is advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin. The results in market reach and engagement is much higher than organic social media. We can create campaigns and manage your advertising budget.

Organic social media for brand awareness is the simple use of social media platforms. Posting, following, unfollowing, sharing can be time consuming. We can automate many social media management tasks so you have time to focuss on other parts of your operation.  Find out if your business is showing symptoms of OSM here.

Content Marketing is important to your digital media management.  It is a way to engage with your target market and customers without making a sales pitch about your product.  Content and Marketing are both vast.  Content is large amounts of information or data being generated every second.  Marketing is large amounts of activities to get the consumer to buy your product.  

Content Marketing is not easy unless you just echo material already out there or take your time to think through how you want to manage your content marketing activities.   You must consider origin source, ownership, uniqueness, relevance and value, speed and duration.

Hockey Science & Technology can build a content marketing plan for you, source content and activate or elevate your social media presence.