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Are you connecting with your hockey market effectively and in the right places?


Hockey Science & Technology is an expert in helping companies, associations, leagues and teams reach their market through digital and print media. With mobile app and web development, mobile advertising, social media management and advertising, magazine production, content marketing and retail services, we have seen businesses flourish. Company owner, Dean Sprung, has published articles on Linkedin about the importance and effect these services have on businesses.






Mobile marketing needs to be a large portion of your digital efforts in order to reach hockey parents, players and fans who are spending hours on their smartphones.






Your market spends on average 2 hours and 42 minutes a day on their iOS and Android devices.

86% of that time is with apps; 14% on mobile web. 17% of app usage is with Facebook, 1.5% with Twitter, 4% with YouTube. 

Ad spending with Facebook is inline with the time spent using the app.  Opportunity to advertise on other mobile apps is wide open. 
    -April 2014 Flurry report



If your business is solely digitally present on a website, it's like saying 8 track and fax machines are still effective means of playing music and sending documents. That same generation of users has now gone mobile for content, services, music, file sharing and more.

Does your advertising and brochures only include yourcompany.com?  That's another indicator that you are behind on digital marketing.  Access to information through 'www' is slowly winding down.  Digital leaders are using touch, visual sensing, audio sensing and proximity sensing as ways for their market to access information via mobile apps.