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Entertain your hockey game fans like a pro with the Arena PA app by Hockey Science & Technology.

Just connect your device to the arena sound system and you own the show with this entertaining and versatile app (see important requirements below).

Super easy to use during a hockey game with minimal user interaction so that you can keep focused on game play.

iOS8 users may encounter a frozen main screen upon first use. This means that you have not created the two required playlists in your Music app. One time only, you must manually create and populate two playlists from within the Music App. Label them exactly "Arena Music" and "Arena Sounds" (case sensitive). All of your favourite music and sound effects are now ready to be accessed from the Arena PA App when launched. Some devices have to be restarted for the app to recognize your playlists.User guides and videos are available to help you. Use the support links or email us at for assistance.

Looking for some great sounds of hockey to add to your collection?  Browse our iTunes playlists available here.


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